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Petra Melicharek Violin 
Cecilie Valter Violin 
Lukas Kmit Viola
Jonathan Pešek Violoncello

The name IMMORTAL QUARETT refers to the "immortal" and rarely realized desire of string players to play a string quartet.

The members of the Immortal Quartet are experts in historically informed performance practice - they play in various early music ensembles in Switzerland and abroad. On instruments with gut strings, in the historical tuning of 430Hz and with classical bows, they bring the music of the string quartet closer to the sound ideals of the times of Mozart or Schubert.


Lavaterhaus Zürich / Mozart, Schubert

Kirche Hochwald / Mozart, Schubert

Gstaad Festival, Lenk / Tino Flautino with Maurice Steger

Gstaad Festival, Saanen / Tino Flautino with Maurice Steger

Studio "MusicArte" Basel / Mozart

Kirche Himmelried / Mozart, Haydn

Kirche St. Pantaleon / Mozart, Haydn

Kirche Hochwald / Cambini, Mozart, Haydn

Alte Kirche, Zürich Altstetten / Cambini, Mozart, Haydn

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